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New River Valley TimeBank

Just joined? Come meet some TimeBankers at Next Week's Potluck! Welcome to the New River Valley TimeBank


You've made it to the website. Congratulations! We hope you will join us at our next orientation session. These are listed on the calendar portion of the website. Alternatively you can like us on FaceBook and be alerted to orientation sessions as they come up. Once you have attended we will conduct a background check which costs $20. If this cost is prohibitive then fear not! Scholarships are available.

At this point you will be ready to start TimeBanking. What will you try first? Do the culinary delights of our diverse group tickle your fancy? Would you like to learn the basics of mountain biking or check out that trail you always wondered about? How about driving a stick shift, or patching a hole in your wall, or learning violin basics? You will find people who can help you with all these things in the New River Valley TimeBank.  

Feel free to use your imagination. Try to think outside the box. Building castles in the sky is encouraged here. If you are an amateur at something and just want to build your skills with other unprofessionals that is fine. If you are a plumber who loves to fix leaky pipes for our more soggy community members that is cool too. Just remember that this is a place where creativity bears lovely and excellent tasting fruit, be bold and enjoy. 


Yours Truly,


The NRV TimeBank


If you would like to get in contact with us you can use any of these methods:



Phone: (540) 251-4345

Address: 303 Wilson Ave. Blacksburg VA, 24060